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In these pages you’ll find information about book, magazine and newspaper publishers.

Obviously there are thousands of these, so I’ve zoomed in on those based in the Highlands and the rest of Scotland. For other mainstream publishers, you should refer to the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook or one of the other market reference books.

I’ve made an exception for small-press publishers, who are not generally found in the Yearbook. As these make such fertile ground for beginner writers and specialists, I’ve included as many as I can find. Do leave a comment if you know of others.

Don’t neglect the world of e-publishing. It’s friendly, fun and not afraid of pushing boundaries.

Please note I have NOT included self-publishing companies (ie where you pay for your book to be published). There are lots. Be careful, and make sure you can spot the vanity publishers. Johnathon Clifford’s site gives free advice and the Scottish Book Trust also have an advice page.

Preditors and Editors gives inside info and advice on hundreds of international publishers.

  Click on the title category to take you to the page

In each category local publishers are listed first (if there are any), followed by others in alphabetical order.




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