Ghillie, gillie (‘gilli) n., pl.+lies. Scot.

an attendant or guide for hunting or fishing


Whether you write for love or money (or both) The Writer’s Ghillie will give you a handy guide to what’s going on in the Highland region and beyond (maybe even as far away as Perth).

Check the Blog Page for news of writing courses, workshops, competitions and other events.

Are you hunting for the right publication for an article or story? Fishing for an agent or the name of an editor? Are you fed up with trying to come up with new names for your characters, or trying to track down a fact or date? Maybe you just want to make contact with other writers or find some inspiration. You’ll find information on all of these on the other pages.

I’m told ghillies are a couthy bunch who like to compare notes over a dram at the end of the day, so you can share any news or reviews you think would be handy to other writers.

If you have an item you’d like featured, whether it’s a workshop, a competition or your local book festival, leave a comment or contact me.

The site is run on a voluntary basis by Karen Messruther. If you want to know a bit about me and my writing, visit www.highland-insider.co.uk.



2 comments so far

  1. Fiona on

    My goodness Karen, you’re prolific! The site really looks good – love the pictures and the white space. A pal of mine from the Edinburgh area has just got a big poetry contract, might be worth linking up with him. He has one site in Scots http://skraich.blogspot.com/ the other in English http://www.andrewphilip.net/ Tell him I suggested you get in touch.

  2. The Ghillie on

    Hi Fiona. Prolific? You can talk! Thanks for the link to Andrew’s sites, they look braw, as he would probably say. I’ll definitely look him up.

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